What can a custom-made orthotic do for you?

A custom-made orthotic is not just simply an insole for your feet. It is a medical device used to ensure proper alignment, support, and to correct biomechanical issues of your gait and stance. Therefore, a true working “custom-made” orthotic must be tailor made to the individual and should change over time to provide the best outcome.

The first step to an orthotic is to make the mold and cast of each foot. This can be done with a variety of ways such as with a 3D scanner or foam impression box.

At the same time, your qualified orthotic specialist such as your chiropractor, physiotherapist, or chiropodist, performs the assessment of you and your feet to determine what types of modifications needed to help manage the condition and/or support your goal. An orthotic is not meant to just help treat an existing problem like plantar fasciitis, but it can help support your arches to prevent future problems caused by improper biomechanics caused by issues with the alignment and positioning of your feet (ex. Flat feet – pes planus and yes children can have flat feet problems too).

Once you and your health care provider have decided on the materials (e.g. accommodative – soft versus functional – rigid), types of footwear it is made for (e.g. shoes, sandals, and high heels) and any other specialized needs for your feet (e.g. diabetic, pediatric, sports), the impression and reports are sent to the laboratory to craft your custom-made orthotic.

Once the orthotic is made, your health care provider will schedule a fitting appointment with you to ensure proper fit and function. This may require trimming or making slight adjustments based on the type of shoes and your comfort level.  Lastly, they will often provide education on the break-in process of the orthotic and other information tailored to your situation to provide the best result. Therefore, a follow up appointment is always advised to ensure proper use of the orthotic and even annual appointments to ensure the orthotic is still functioning the way it should.

What makes the custom-made orthotics at the MYOMED clinic better?

After more than a decade of experience, our team has identified the best laboratories that manufacture orthotics to provide you with the best of all worlds when it comes to fit and function. We are picky and so should you. The laboratories we work with use state-of-the-art technologies which can help pick up the slightest imperfections during the fabrication process. However, what makes a great orthotic is not only the materials and the details put into creating this medical device but also the endless number of modifications which can be put into an orthotic. To do so and tailor the orthotic truly for the individual, our experts here at the MYOMED clinic first help identify the issues with your condition in terms of foot, gait and other ailments. Then we properly and creatively help craft the orthotic best suited for your situation. We do not believe in the one-size fits all scenarios. Schedule an orthotic appointment with one of our orthotic specialists today to see if this product is right for you.


                                                  Examples of High Heel, Athletic, and Children (UCBL) custom-made orthotics