What is Lymphastim?

The Lymphastim performs unique compressions as form of a gentle massage which encourages flow of lymph fluids in the body via the pneumatic pressotherapy principle. The lympatic system is vital as it helps remove toxins from the body. Think after sports, sprain/strain injuries, heavy-legs syndrome, post-traumatic/surgical swelling, venous insufficiency (varicose veins), prevention of deep vein thrombosis, and lymphedema. 

What is the difference between manual and machine operated lymphatic drainage?

Our system promotes precise dosed pressure throughout the entire area. The ability to set pressure, individual pressure settings for individual chambers, the switching of chambers, and a pressure gradient allows for customizability for a better outcome. 

Athletics and lymphatic drainage…

Lymphatic drainage has become very popular with professional athletes. Athletes in particular have used this method to increase recovery for better training and decrease risk of injuries.

As an example, a study in particular looked into muscle fatigue and post exercise recovery in mixed martial arts (MMA). The conclusion is groups receiving lymphatic drainage  improve post-exercise regeneration of muscles in MMA athletes. It can optimize training effects and reduce risk of injuries of combat sports and athletes.

Zebrowska, A., Trybulski, R., Roczniok, R., & Marcol, W. (2019). Effect of physical methods of lymphatic drainage on postexercise recovery of mixed martial arts athletes. Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine29(1), 49–56.